ShiftWizard - Nurse Scheduling Software

Easy-to-use scheduling solution developed by nurses, for nurses




ShiftWizard makes nurse scheduling and communication easy, so you can focus on what really matters - improving patient outcomes

Managing nurse scheduling can be a daunting task. Pen and paper systems are cumbersome and error-prone, leading to wasted time and costly mistakes.


Even if you have a digital solution in place, you might have noticed that it lacks intuitive user interfaces and the ability to navigate the nuances of healthcare organisations, which means it's not as effective as it should be when it comes to meeting nurse scheduling challenges.
ShiftWizard’s innovative features and instinctive interface are designed to optimise healthcare workforce management. You can integrate your EMR and Time & Attendance systems, which means you can make cost-effective nurse scheduling decisions based on real-time, Worked Hours per Unit of Service measures such as HPPD and HPPV.

Why ShiftWizard?

We offer a better way for healthcare staff and managers to handle their schedules. Our solution was developed by nurses exclusively for healthcare professionals.

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Let's compare the old and the new

Traditional methods

  • Pen and paper systems are work-intensive, de-centralised and create internal turmoil

  • Manual calculations are time-consuming and only reviewed periodically

  • Open shifts are given to employees in overtime or agency nurses


  • Self-scheduling & open shift management - accessible from anywhere, electronic systems empower staff and reduce admin workload
  • Real-time productivity - access to hourly reports provides actionable insights each day
  • Optimise the workforce - centralised dashboards unearth more cost-effecitve ways to staff

How you'll benefit from our nurse scheduling solution

With a single, integrated solution, your nurse leaders will be able to reduce staffing costs, improve retention, save time spent scheduling, empower staff, improve patient outcomes, and eliminate internal misunderstandings.

ShiftWizard Features Overview


Mobile Accessibility 

Mobile app on iOS and Android means staff and managers can access their schedule 


License & Certification Tracking 

Track licenses, certifications, memberships, and educational levels


Incentive Management 

Streamline the implementation of monetary and non-monetary incentive programs


Shift Swapping & Splitting 

Schedule updating is a breeze - staff can request a shift swap or time off that managers can easily approve or deny


Premium Labour Management 

Transparency into real-time costs accrued through 'premium' sources, including agency staff, overtime hours, travel nurses, and incentivised shifts


Enterprise Resource Management

Actionable, global view of multiple departments that enables managers to optimise staffing costs across an enterprise


Real-time Productivity Reporting 

Integrate Time & Attendance and EMR data, then use imported time sheets to provide team leaders with real-time bedside productivity tracking and predictions that update for each department


Dynamic Shift Management

A unique feature that thinks of every shift as a dynamic entity that can be flexed and updated easily to fit a team's needs


Nurse scheduling software that pays for itself

Overtime and agency staffing expenses can cost healthcare organisations millions of dollars per year. Shiftwizard provides the data and processes for making cost-effective decisions.

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