Nurses: Take care of YOU, too

Prioritise your own well-being with Keener, the free self-care app for nurses

Keener helps nurses thrive

Keener is your guide to self-care, well-being, and personal growth. It's by nurses, for nurses

We know that you work in a demanding environment, coping with staff shortages, long hours, and high patient acuity. It's no wonder you often feel stressed and overwhelmed, and your self-care takes a backseat.

The Keener app seeks to provide nurses with the resources they need to manage emotional wellbeing and avoid career burnout. It's designed to help you feel more resilient, supported, growth-minded, and connected with one another.

How Does It Work?

Real Nurses, Real Stories

You're not alone in this field. Keener helps you find regular mentorship. Watch real stories from your peers about the ups and downs and learnings in their career, so you can take those stories into your own work.

Self-Care Inspiration

Give yourself a few minutes each day for your well-being. Find original content daily - by nurses, for nurses - that helps you build self-care strategies, get fresh perspectives, and beat burn-out.


Shift Reflection

Take a moment after each shift for a guided self-reflection, made just for nurses. Diary how it went for healthy perspective, improved resilience, and increased confidence.


Personalised Insights

Reflect regularly for a retrospective history of your nursing journey. Keener shows you trends in your wellbeing, recommends content to address your challenges, and helps you look back at your own growth.


What nurses are saying about Keener

Ricky C ICU nurse
"I'm a new nurse and have been looking forward to having an app that allows me to work through my feelings about my shifts and journaling more concisely."
Ciana V Neuro / Tele CMSR
"There may be other ways to get nursing content, and other ways to journal or mood-track electronically — but the beauty of Keener is having it all in one space, with journal prompts and fields specific to nursing and processing your experiences!"
Ashley Rafael RN
"Taking a few minutes to reflect after a shift helps me stay positive and in balance. Every nurse needs this."


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