Capacity Planner™

A predictive analytics capacity planning tool for hospitals that provides accurate forecasting of patient demand to help facilities maximise capacity, improve staffing resource alignment, and deliver exceptionally safe care.

Align Resources to Match Needs

capacity-planner-accurately-forecast-patient-demand Accurately forecast patient demand with predictive analytics to optimise resources, drive better decision-making, and improve staff satisfaction. Increase your ability to respond to change.  
capacity-planner-leverage-data Leverage your data to improve operational and financial performance. Using your existing HIS, Capacity Planner™ creates a visual dashboard to show the impact of changes to your staffing, resources or scheduling.  
capacity-planner-focus-patient-safety Focus on patient safety and improve care quality. By ensuring specialty demand is understood, Capacity Planner™ helps you mitigate clinical risk and match staff resources and beds to patient needs.  
capacity-planner-anticipate-capacity-blockage Anticipate capacity blockages using modeling capabilities. Adjust your current processes to help minimise potential choking points.  
capacity-planner-improve-productivity Improve productivity and maximise resources through precise staff allocation. Provide near-time access to information for educated decision making.  
capacity-planner-optimize-patient-flow Optimise patient flow from emergency to discharge. Use Capacity Planner™ to improve your average length of stay and discharge management.  

Improve Patient Throughput and Experience



Proactive Resource Deployment

  • Capacity Planner™ provides predictive analytics that are 95% accurate at one month out and 97% at one week out, allowing for efficient resource deployment. Flex staff and wards to align with demand, reducing staffing costs.
  • The product uses three years of historical data to develop a base patient demand forecast for the year. Algorithms account for variations such as day of the week, as well as for events, such as flu season duration and severity.
  • Capacity Planner™ incorporates input from your clinical experts regarding patient demand. This feedback is essential for reconciling historical experience with emerging care and reimbursement models.

Performance Monitoring

  • View your actual and projected patient demand against capacity and planned staffing. Monitor progress against forecasts, and adjust as necessary to combat understaffing or overbedding.
  • Reports for monitoring performance allow you to compare targets against actual acute and elective occupancy, scheduled staff, and hours per patient day.





Scenario Modeling

  • Base forecasts are refined by operational staff, who identify upcoming changes that might impact the forecast.
  • Scenario modeling enables planners to make global adjustments to variables such as inpatient/outpatient mix or length of stay, as well as date range-specific adjustments around seasonal or community events.
  • By combining arrival data with predictive analytics about expected patient movement, the system can develop a simulation to model and assess the impact of various scenarios.

Providing Measurable Value

95% accuracy rate for patient demand forecast one month out
93% Capacity Planner improved patient placement for 93% of surveyed customers
97% accuracy rate for patient demand forecast one week out


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