Reactive or proactive - how well does your patient flow operate?

Check your hospital on the patient flow maturity model

A HealthStream White Paper

A look at the challenges that healthcare organisations face at the enterprise level, how to achieve full maturity and the difference an enterprise patient flow solution would make for your healthcare organisation.

When it comes to digitisation, the healthcare industry can be a bit slow on the uptake. But with the pandemic placing increased pressure on healthcare organisations worldwide, it’s now critical to optimise patient flow and resource allocation. With that in mind, we’ve developed a patient flow maturity model. Where does your facility sit on the scale?

A peek inside...

  • The key challenges around patient flow and staff rostering
  • The Enterprise Visibility Maturity Model – from the basic systems to a sophisticated full enterprise approach, see where your organisation lands
  • The impact of full patient flow visibility on the quadrant of care

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