Capacity & Resource Advisor™ Webinar


Watch the Capacity & Resource Advisor™ Webinar On-Demand

Watch this webinar recording featuring Terri Epler, Nurse/Product Owner at HealthStream ANZ, and Mark Figgitt, Executive Director at HealthStream ANZ, for a demonstration on our new Capacity & Resource Advisor™ solution.

HealthStream’s Capacity & Resource Advisor™ solution is a cloud-based forecasting tool that automatically takes current data from your existing solutions, such as workforce management, patient flow, and admission-discharge-transfer (ADT) systems, and uses machine learning to transform the data into actionable information. The system feeds insights into your staffing and scheduling workflow, allowing you to precisely align resources for optimal use.

Capacity & Resource Advisor presents meaningful information to users where, when, and how they need it. Colour-coded, traffic light visuals displayed in user-friendly dashboards make it easy for nurses and patient access teams to recognise issues in a glance and know-how urgently they must address them.

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