Maximising time spent on care

Reducing the friction of time and attendance management in hospitals and healthcare.

A HealthStream eBook

Achieve greater payroll efficiency with a solution that streamlines time entry, time approval, and accrual management processes, while controlling labour expenses.

Recording time and attendance may seem simple, but for large healthcare organisations that operate 24/7 and are unionised, it can be extremely complex, which can be detrimental to payroll efficiency.
In this eBook, we look at why more providers are moving from disparate payroll systems to a consolidated operation, one that is centralised, optimised, and yielding significant cost savings.

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  • The challenges healthcare providers need to overcome
  • Aligning employee payments with employment contracts
  • Consequences of sticking with outdated legacy systems
  • Investing in a digital time and attendance solution — what to look for
  • A brief overview of the ANSOS™ Time and Attendance solution