Capacity Planner™ eBook

Forecasting patient demand.
Aligning resources.
Optimising patient throughput.

Download the Capacity Planner™ eBook

What if you could accurately predict patient demand days or even weeks in advance, and align that forecast with capacity and staffing to help optimise patient throughput?

The Capacity Planner™ eBook dives into the long-standing issue of capacity management for hospitals and how predictive analytics are the way forward. Find out how you can utilise HealthStream's Capacity Planner™ to advance your hospital's capacity management abilities.




  • Proactive patient demand forecasting
  • Benefits of capacity management planning
  • How the Capacity Planner™ works
  • A look at the Capacity Planner™ Dashboard
  • Planning for the long-term, adjusting for the short-term
  • Monitoring performance against forecast
  • Satisfied customers and operational improvements
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