How nurse workforce scheduling will save your hospital money and create efficiencies.

Reducing nursing staff is not the answer – a workforce management solution is.

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We take a look at why many hospitals have learned the hard way that implementing a nurse staffing system is essential.

Hospitals continue to struggle with financial challenges due to flat or uncertain patient volumes as well as escalating costs for salaries, medications, equipment and supplies. Given the fact that registered nurse wages and benefits constitute a substantial portion of overall hospital costs, it's not surprising that hospitals are looking for ways to reduce staffing costs.

Labour costs, direct and indirect, are obviously impacted by staffing but the ‘cost’ of poor nurse staffing reaches well beyond just payroll, financially impacting hospitals in a number other areas. Overcoming these challenges means bringing hospital scheduling software on board.





  • Labour costs vs. cost of turnover – how much hospitals are losing in revenue due to high nursing staff turnover
  • Overtime and burnout – how does this impact on the organisation and its patients?
  • What happens when a nurse leaves – the costs of onboarding new staff
  • The impact on a hospital’s bottom line - the ‘cost’ of poor nurse staffing reaches well beyond just labour cost, financially impacting hospitals in a number of other areas
  • Total cost of care – why hospitals can’t afford to ignore nurses’ impact on a patient’s total cost of care