Mark Figgitt

Executive Director

Mark Figgitt is the Executive Director for HealthStream Capacity Management in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to his Executive and General Management role he is also responsible for the global product management and development of Capacity Planner™, ECMD and Capacity & Resource AdvisorTM.

A respected member of the New Zealand technology industry for the past two decades, Mark has held product management, senior management and executive roles at Telecom, Meridian Energy, Arc Innovations, and Airways New Zealand.

Mark became familiar with applying technology in the health sector after working at Telecom (now Spark) as a Senior Consultant, delivering solutions to organisations like the Christchurch District Health Board and Pegasus Health. In his previous role as Head of Products for Airways New Zealand, Mark led the growth of new global products from what was acknowledged as the world’s most innovative air traffic control agency.

Mark Figgitt


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