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Enterprise Visibility

A Continuing Digital Transformation Journey Case Study

A tracking system that provides real-time visibility into patient status

Client Large private hospital in Western Australia
Challenge Foot-trucking around the hospital to find empty beds and low visibility of blockages and issues.
Enterprise Visibility
Result Enterprise Visibility has improved communication and efficiency across various divisions within the hospital.

The Customer

How Enterprise Visibility boosted patient and employee satisfaction, improved efficiency and removed blockages

For over five years, one of our Australian hospital clients had been reaping the rewards of our Capacity Planner solution - a predictive analytics capacity planning tool that provides accurate forecasting of patient demand.

With this success in mind, and keen to continue their digital transformation journey, the hospital's Executive turned their attention to the challenge of patient visibility. They had been using physical whiteboards to track patients throughout the facility, which required manual updating and provided no visibility of patients to anyone outside of the ward. The decision was made to develop a patient throughput system that addressed patient and employee satisfaction while improving efficiency and management of resources.

The Solution

Enterprise Visibility - a tracking system that provides real-time visibility into patient status

When the hospital's team began discussions with us, it became clear early on that our Enterprise Visibility solution would be the ideal tool to help them achieve their patient status goals.

Enterprise Visibility is a patient tracking system that enables hospitals to see a patient's status from admission to transfers to discharge. The aim is to optimise patient throughput whilst improving hospital patient flow management. With Enterprise Visibility, a hospital can:

  • Accelerate patient flow and improve safety

  • Synchronise physical and staff resources

  • Reduce length of hospital stay

  • Remove roadblocks and minimise interruptions


Enterprise Visibility helps reduce hospital bed turns by up to 20 minutes, in part by reducing non-productive time spent identifying where to go next. Transparency increases accountability and gives staff members more autonomy. The aim of the tool is to provide better outcomes by helping to deliver safe, high-quality care.

The Result

Improved Visibility and Communication Hospital-Wide

Implementing Enterprise Visibility has provided enhanced visibility at an executive level. Blockages around the hospital can be seen at a glance, meaning they can be resolved swiftly and efficiently.

Because Enterprise Visibility is a real-time system, the hospital has also reduced the amount of manual activities they were performing, which has ensured greater accuracy and resulted in significant efficiency gains.

For example, Bed Managers would previously need to physically walk around the wards to find empty beds. “Foot-trucking” it around the hospital is no longer necessary - bed availability can now be seen at a glance on Enterprise Visibility. This new visibility has also significantly reduced the number of calls to find a patient a suitable bed - this had been a multiple-call task, taking up time and slowing hospital teams down.

Enterprise Visibility has also improved communication across various divisions within the hospital. For example:

  • The Emergency Department can see immediately where there are available beds in any given speciality or ward

  • When a patient is ready to be transported, Environmental Services can notify the Unit/Ward

  • Bed Managers and the Executive team have a whole of hospital view of any blockages or issues


Enterprise Visibility screens are installed in every unit throughout the hospital. This means that all Bed Managers and other staff have visibility across the entire facility, and they're no longer manually updating whiteboards, spending time correcting errors, or wasting time making multiple calls to find a suitable bed.

Enterprise Visibility has also highlighted other processes that need to be reviewed as part of the hospital's overall change - their digital transformation journey. The Capacity Planner and Enterprise Visibility are just the beginning - this hospital's goal is to continue their digital transformation and leverage technology wherever possible, in their ongoing commitment to improving patient care and finding efficiencies, as well as enhancing the way their teams work.

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