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Innovative technologies to help Australian and New Zealand healthcare organisations improve capacity management, giving more time back to care. 

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White Paper

Reactive or proactive - how well does your patient flow operate?

A look at the challenges that healthcare organisations face at the enterprise level, how to achieve full maturity and the difference an enterprise patient flow solution would make for your healthcare organisation. Download the White Paper

Tightening the inconsistencies in patient care

Understand the impact of poor internal hospital communication and how a capacity management solution can help.

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Advancing the science of capacity planning

How can advanced analytics be applied to improve the forecasting of patient demand, align resources and optimise patient throughput? Download the eBook
Case study

Lions Gate Hospital

Read how we helped Lions Gate Hospital address overcrowding, bottlenecks in the ICU, OR, PACU; discharge delays; and a lack of awareness of available beds. Read the case study

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